Shop Closed/ Update: 11/23/20

Hi everyone!

After some deliberation, I have made the decision to shut down the shop until I am able to get caught up with current orders. I know we said pre-orders would remain open, but to save not only my physical health but my mental health as well I am going to use this time to focus solely on getting current non-pre orders out and then working on the It’s Freakin Bats Palette pre-orders.

When I am caught up and it’s time to open the shop back up, I will be sure to have a good stock of most things, (excluding the Creepy Cute Palette, this will be out of stock until spring most likely) but I am hoping to open back up toward mid/ late January depending on how much I am able to get through by then.

I have officially brought someone onto the team to focus on customer service, allowing me to focus on pressing, packaging, and getting orders out. I heard your frustration about the lack of customer service, and I wanted to be able to offer good customer service finally. So, if you receive an email from Becca, that’s our girl! She’s awesome.

I mentioned previously that I have a press machine coming. It still has yet to ship, but as soon as it arrives it will be a huge game changer. I saw a few people concerned about the quality of hand pressed vs machine pressed. I can assure you that the difference will most likely be undetectable and the quality of the shadows will not be changing at all since the machine can be set to whatever you need. The machine will just allow me to press many at once vs pressing one at a time. (Saving my back and shoulders from a lot of pain as well).

I spoke to a few customers today about their order’s tracking not updating and is still in “pre-shipment”, and I wanted to let anyone who is dealing with the same thing that your order is on it’s way, but there has been something up with USPS either not tracking at all or taking forever to scan orders in. A customer received her order and her tracking never even updated, so it seems like this is something within their system. I just ask that you give it a few more days for it to either update or arrive. It’s not common that orders get lost, but they do get delayed and that’s really frustrating.

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has been nothing but kind and supportive during this process. I won’t lie, it has been incredibly overwhelming to go from a smaller indie, working out of a 10x10 room to having to find a warehouse space and buy a pressing machine. I am so incredibly grateful to all of the wonderful customers, and most importantly @beautbean for being so incredible during this process. We have both felt the stress of wanting to make everyone happy, and I want to prove to everyone that I’m taking all the steps necessary to grow and get everything sorted. This has certainly been a learning experience! If you have any questions or concerns please email and Becca will be happy to help you. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love your makeup friend, Chloe.

Current Processing Times

Hi everyone! This is a breakdown of our current processing times. Please remember Shroud is a one woman show, so these processing times may seem quite long for some.

Pre-orders: Current wait time is anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months (not including weekends or holidays). We do have a pressing machine that should arrive in a couple of weeks, which will increase output by a considerable margin. In the meantime I am pressing as quickly as possible.

Non-preorders: Current wait time is 2-3 weeks (not including weekends or holidays).

These processing times will be getting better in December when we have our new machine and an extra pair of hands on deck.